Our Story

Let's take a step back to a more innocent time - circa 1990.

The video game era is in full swing. You and all of your friends anxiously await this month's Nintendo Power magazine while you're still trying to beat Super Mario Bros. 3. Your friend down the street keep raving about the superiority of his 16-bit Sega Genesis system. Toys R Us is your happy place. A Friday evening trip to your local video rental store is your reward for not getting in trouble at school that week. Life is good.

This is the time that I met one of my best friends (who also happens to be Retroscribe's co-founder, but more on that later). Ryan and I met in our "gifted program" weekly meetings. Just two kids that loved video games, sports, and music.

We never imagined we'd end up here. It was an interesting road...full of surprises, new experiences, good ideas, terrible ideas, and a lot of awesome people we met along the way.

If someone walked into that gifted classroom and told the 9-year-old versions of us that by the time we hit our mid-30's, we would:

  • build a retro video game rental service from the ground up
  • design, produce, and manufacture 5 new games for the Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis
  • be featured in a book by noted video game author Jeffrey Wittenhagen (check it out here)
  • be featured in a documentary - now available on Amazon video! Check out Joe's awesome project here
  • launch a retro game-themed gift business

.....well, I probably would have laughed, but here we are!

Thank you for supporting not only our vision, but also supporting all of the other artists, developers, and creators that we work with to provide you with a carefully curated selection of unique retro game-inspired gifts for your loved ones.